Been mega busy the past few days, so haven’t had time to update properly!

Been working on my portfolio mostly this week and buying magazines for inspiration.

I got the new Vogue (UK edition) today. First time I’ve bought it in a long time…a few months ago, it was really lacking a certain something and whenever I got it, I found myself flicking through it once and not picking it up for weeks afterwards.

But I have to say, the photoshoots in the new issue are fantastic. The Dorothea/Lucinda Chambers/Paolo Roversi shoot is just inspired and so ethereal, almost stark (in a good way) and so fantastically executed.

I’ve seen quite alot of bad comments about this shoot, but each to their own.

This week I’ve mostly been:

1. Reading ELLE/Vogue/Another magazin
2. Listening to new MGMT stuff and The XX
3. Working on my portfolio (sigh)
4. Making my wishlist of clothes for student loan day
5. Planning what to take to London next week!

Reall excited to go to London. Haven’t been since February when I was working at fashion week, and craving a walk up Portobello Road! Definately going to see the Grace Kelly exhition at the V&A, it looks far too beautiful to miss.

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