Had a MAD few days! Been getting my BACKSTAGE book printed which is my final major project for my degree….and it has been a HEADACHE. Taking it to be bound at Wyvern Bindery in just over a week so wanted to make sure everything was perfect! It’s looking really good, I’m so so pleased with it! Cannot wait to see it bound now though…not long to go. Also, I had my business cards and promotional postcards for my work printed – all the images on the back are photographs from my book, they look fab.

So today, I’ve been back to the printers AGAIN to get a couple of bits done but now all of the book is printed, I’m busy sending off artwork for the embossing plates for the front of my book and updating all my sketchbooks (I have a SERIOUS amount to do in these!) and working on my website AND my portfolio. It never ends!

Any good exhibitions happening in London at the minute? Let me know as I’ll be down 19th-21st April!

Alice xx

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