A week in bed….

So, this week, I’ve been in BED all week with chickenpox, which has been an absolute nightmare for my work (only 2 weeks left until my university final deadlines and I still have so much work to do!).

Luckily feeling alot better today after my boyfriend looked after me and brought me nice DVDs to watch, some percy pigs and some AMAZING headphones which I’ve wanted for ages (see here).

SO, today, I finally got round to sorting out my studio images of my Backstage book! Took them last Monday, the day the chickenpox started! Didn’t actually realise I had them until I got home after this session.

Really pleased with the studio pictures! Also did a little video which I have just finished editting but cannot find for the LIFE of me some good music to go with it! I want something quite trip-hoppy but fast and relevant. Have been scouring iTunes and Spotify for something cool but NOTHING has taken my fancy as yet.

Still lots to do this week. Lots of bits and bobs to send to print for the final hand in, but having to get my mum to help me with alot of it as can’t leave the house due to chicken pox until Friday so mum will be trailing things up to the printers for me, poor Mum!

Any opinions on the book would be great 🙂

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  1. 3rd May 2010 / 9:40 am

    Your book looks great. I make books for a living and it looks really nicely produced. Printed digitally?

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