Me and Joe went to Dublin for a few days this week. Couldn’t take my SLR due to Ryanair’s ridiculous baggage policy, so we just took Joe’s compact camera nd iPhones to photograph the sights. Here are some from my iPhone and photos from Joe’s camera to follow!

Obviously you can’t go to Dublin without having a few drinks…..we ended up having alot. There are some fantastic Irish pubs and bars in Dublin – we especially loved Cafe en Seine, which is like an old French-style cafe bar, with amazing high ceilings and beautiful cocktails and cakes.

We went to the Guinness Storehouse (along with every other tourist in Dublin, but it really is a must!) and drank our amazing free pints of Guinness, along with making alot of Guinness purchases in the gift store – an amazing Guinness Christmas decoration, Guinness fudge and keyrings.

Thanks to Gisele Scanlon of The Goddess Guide who recommended Rustic Stone for a meal – an amazing Dylan McGrath restaurant with a clever concept – if you order a meal ‘On The Stone’ they bring a stone heated to 300C for you to cook your own meat, meaning service is quicker and the meat is exacting to your specification. LOVED it, and will definitely be going again….but next time we’ll make the trip at a weekend, to take advantage of the food markets.

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