Mistletoe and Wine.

I have had a festive filled couple of weeks and been working very hard, so haven’t had any time to update my blog!

Have had 2 lovely weekends in Corbridge with my parents stocking up on Christmas goodies from The Corbridge Larder and of course RE: (where I pretty much bought all of the shop!) including beautiful wooden heart gift tags for presents, which I also used last year, and some lovely things for myself! Well it is Christmas.

Had some very good news this week as well – my boyfriend was meant to be working away for Christmas but his company let him finish early so he’s now back and I have him for Christmas, New Year and my birthday in January! Ecstatic beyond belief – really wasn’t looking forward to Christmas knowing he was away on a barge in the cold Baltic sea but now he can enjoy the festive season properly.

Work has been super busy – we have a big trade show next month which we’re creating 4 physical trend features for so I’ve been sourcing props and trying to scrounge free expensive wallpaper from big companies! Not doing too badly at the minute but will still have lots of work to do on it after Christmas. It’s going to be a fantastic show and I’ll reveal more in January.

Hopefully, will have some more pictures up tomorrow of Christmas Eve festivities in the Barnes/Millican household 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone!


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