Paul Smith – Design Museum, London

I always been an admirer of fashion designer Paul Smith; those iconic stripes, bright colours and the fact he still rides a bike to work in his studio everyday. However, after visiting the Paul Smith exhibition at the Design Museum, yesterday I am a bonafide PS fangirl.

What a DUDE. So down to earth, a breath of real fresh air in the often pretentious world of high fashion, who has such self-awareness and knowledge, it’s really unparalleled in his field.

The focal point of the exhibition was a gallery crammed top-to-toe of framed photographs and paintings from Paul’s collection, with many of the photographs being taken by himself. I loved the fact that a photo of footballer Steven Gerrard was juxtaposed with runway models – it just shows the breadth of inspiration he looks at when designing his collections.

The exhibition is curated in lovely logical way, which goes from overall influences, to his office, studio, finishing with a snapshot of his stores, key pieces from his collections and the making of a runway show (all shown on snazzy new Sony 4K screens. The quality is INSANE.) Favourite parts? Well, obviously seeing the Paul Smith mini (Joe is insanely jealous he wasn’t with me!) and the jam-packed gallery walls were right up my street. 

For his retail stores, Paul’s ethos is such that all of them are completely different from each other. He is all about individuality, and his stores are the physical manifestation of just that. 

If you haven’t already seen the show, then hop to it – it is a must see.

Hello, My Name is Paul Smith is showing at the Design Museum, London until 22nd June due to public demand.


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