Life on Instagram #1

Oh, how I love thee Instagram. For some people the first thing they do when they wake up (sadly) is check the socials. Not. Me.

Firstly, I curse the alarm for going off. Then, I check the socials. I just can’t help myself. What’s been going on in the world of the Gram, overnight? I need to know. Most people tune into Facebook as they open their eyes, however, I’m an Instagram girl all the way.

I’ve done a few of these posts in the past, but now I’m turning into it into somewhat of a more regular thang. A brief overview of life in pictures. So, here, for your viewing pleasure is what’s been going down over at AMB in the past month or so.

1. Only a digital conference would have a hashtag cake / 2. Awesome braiding at the French Connection #canthelpmyselfie event, organised by the lovely Lauren / 3. Getting fancy for a wedding – obsessed with the River Island dress I wore. Pineapples til I die. / 4. Russian treats brought back from Moscow. Fact: Russian Vogue is 100% better when it’s actually been bought there / 5. In love with anything nut-butter related at the moment – these goodies are available at Protein Pick & Mix / 6. All over the IQS way of eating? Check out these tasty raw cacao nib cookies I made. Taste a dream and good for you too / 7. Susie and Rob celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in June. I always love seeing their wedding photos / 8. Well done, The Drum. So, when is Downton back on? / 9. The collectable tin to end all collectable tins. Spiceworld the move on lime green VHS, in a limited edition Baby Spice tin. The holy grail.

1. Coffee from Newcastle’s finest, Ouseburn Coffee Company / 2. Lobster-print napkins from Ikea / 3. It was our 10th birthday at work last month. These canny cards were sent out with birthday cakes to our clients / 4. My word. How comfy are Nike Free 5.0s? SLIPPERS / 5. Hitting up Whitby’s amusements after a night in North Yorkshire / 6. Seafood treats down at Riley’s Fish Shack / 7. Getting my run on in my new Asics. Less than 8 weeks until the Great North Run. In. Sane. / 8. Beautiful light on Seaton Sluice beach / 9. Food of the gods, Cal’s Own pizza.

1. Super-green smoothie from Newcastle’s latest culinary offering, The Naked Deli / 2. A weekend in the Lakes with Joe – what a view at The Drunken Duck / 3. To celebrate being 10,  DC did ten pin bowling at Lane 7 / 4. One too many Buddy’s beers later / 5. York Races on a HOT Saturday / 6. Building my mug collection with this typographical gem from Repeat Repeat / 6. Another IQS-shaped recipe by yours truly – Banana Bread. Give it a whirl, it tastes mighty fine / 7. Surprise flowers / 8. Getting my caffeine fix at OPR‘s #Ocademy Brands and Bloggers breakfast – so lovely to meet so many local bloggers and finally put some faces to names.

What a busy few weeks!

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