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I’ve been an active runner for around three years now, and that is definitely my first love when it comes to keeping fit and feeling the burn. I love chasing a PB and the elation of crossing a finish line (competitive much?).

But last year, I decided that running wasn’t quite cutting the mustard – I wanted a new challenge and something to help complement my time spent on legs. To mix things up, I started attending beach bootcamp sessions every week. Man, my muscles were in for a shock – I remember waking up the day after that first bootcamp, and I ached. But in a really good way.

Since then, I’ve been doing beach bootcamp nearly every weekend, strength training, HIIT workouts, cycling and much more. And I bloody love it.

To keep me on track with whatever activity I’m doing, I have an arsenal of workout goodies. These are a few I couldn’t go without.

Garmin Forerunner 10
This nifty little running watch is the best I have come across for recording my pace every time I hit the pavements. Even my marathon-running Mum bought this to use instead of her much fancier model. A definite must for beginner and pro-runners alike.

Resistance Tubes
You can get hold of these little gems at any good sports shop, usually in the sale. Perfect for doing your bicep curls as part of your at-home workout routine or on the gym floor. We use the extra strong version of these in bootcamp every week for the ultimate burn.

Polar FT-4 

I’ve wanted one of these beauties ever since using another Polar product at Speedflex in Newcastle, and recently bit the bullet. The Polar watch and heart rate monitor records your BPM whilst you get your sweat on, so you can keep calorie burn during your workout. Getting your heart rate up means you’re burning fat and this is one of the most effective ways to keep track of your heart rate highs.

Last but not least, the ultimate workout must-have. That’s right, the free clear stuff. We don’t drink enough of it and it’s essential for hydration, especially when you’re getting a sweat on.

What’s the workout gear you can’t live without?

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