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Our back yard is one of the areas of our flat that we’ve just never got round to doing much with. Sure we have a (man) shed, a few potted plants and a functional little table and chairs, but it’s definitely a work in progress.

This summer, we finally decided to get the yard looking spick and span but we’ve been struggling in the inspiration department. Enter your old friend and mine, Pinterest.

I’ve cobbled together a few shots of what we’re trying to achieve – hugely looking forward to arranging and building our own suspended lighting canopy (thankfully J is very skilled in the woodwork side of things, how handy?)

Also, I love me some neon accenting, so adoring the idea of the painted breeze block planters below – such a simple and effective idea.

For some other things I’m finding inspiring, head on over to pinning heaven to take a peek at my other boards.

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