Work It Out

The Weekend Edition is back! And this time it’s all about pre-workout fuel.

It’s that time again post-Christmas and New Year, where everyone is getting their bum back in gear and into the gym.

Me? I’m revving up my half marathon training (11 weeks to go until I’ll be pounding Sheffield’s streets!) and hitting streets and the gym for those all important training runs and fat-burning weights sessions.

One thing I used to struggle with was what to have pre-workout to keep me going.
This is what I’ve been having recently to make sure I’m having the right stuff to keep me on track and fuelling my workouts properly.

Pre-workout #1Bulletproof Coffee
This could not be more simple to make, and tastes an absolute dream. One shot of espresso and one tablespoon of coconut oil (utterly obsessed with MyProtein’s Coconpure oil), whizzed in a blender until you have a creamy coconut drink. I usually have one of these about 1.5 hours before a morning workout and it always keeps my going through a weights session or run. You can add organic butter to this too, like traditional BP coffee, but I’m yet yo venture into that field.

Pre-workout #2Rice cakes with nut butter
This is basically my excuse to eat more almond butter (as if I needed one), but it really is the ideal pre-workout snack with a good mix of carbs and protein.

Pre-workout #3BCAAs
BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) are something I started reading a bit more about when I started weights, to help with increase muscle retention and maximise weight loss. Available in capsule form or powdered (I opted for the latter, for a canny fruity drink), these little guys are easily absorbed into the blood stream and can be used pre or post-workout (or both).

Got any tips for pre-workout eats or drinks? 

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  1. 25th January 2015 / 4:46 pm

    Good to see the weekend edition blog back 😉

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