Life on Instagram #2

The few past weeks have been an absolute whirlwind and it feels like I haven’t stopped. Here’s a look a what’s been going down recently via the magical filtered eye of Instagram.

1. Interior porn at Tynemouth Market. / 2. After the best flat white in Newcastle? Head to Ouseburn Coffee Company‘s minimal Harvest Canteen in West Jesmond. The interiors, as well as the coffee, are on point. / 3. Protein pancakes! If you fancy whipping up a batch this weekend, check out AMB on Sunday morning for the full recipe. / 4. A couple of weekends ago, I spent the entire weekend housebound thanks to a sickness bug. Big thanks to Ru Paul’s Drag Race for helping me get through it through. / 5. Behind the scenes filming for a big work project. / 6. Avo and spinach on Biona Rye bread. The obsession begins. / 7. My take on Madeleine Shaw‘s chickpea flour taco recipe. / 8. All hail kale. / 9. So, yeah, Coyo do ice cream now. I can neither confirm or deny that I scoffed the lot in 2 days.

10. Everything is blurry on a 6am run along the North Tyneside coast. / 11. One of the best soaps I’ve used forever. Check out Washed Out Soap Co – you won’t regret it. / 12. My beautiful big sis and I at mine and J’s engagement do. / 13. *insert heart-eyed emoji*  / 14. Big shout out to Jenny at Nars in John Lewis, Newcastle for somehow making a smokey eye work on me. Now, to perfect this myself… / 15. Refuelling after bootcamp at Dil & the Bear, one of the best spots in Tynemouth. / 15. Fireside wine. / 16. Two of my newest (and already most favourite) cookbooks from Hemsley Hemsley and The Fat Radish. / 16. Light shining bright in Tynemouth Station, after dark. Brilliant place for a fashion show, non?

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