Clean Easter Treats

My feed has been full to the brim of healthy Easter recipes recently, so I thought I’d pop up a bit of a round-up of the top treats I’ve seen to make and bake this weekend.

1. Honestly Healthy’s Raw Chocolate Eggs
These are right up my street. I am a huge fan of Natasha’s blog and books, and these chocolatey coconutty desserts are just the ticket for a weekend notoriously packed with sweet treats. Sugar free and rich in cacao for a proper chocolate hit.

2. Madeleine Shaw’s Paleo Chia Hot Cross Buns

Chia seeds really are the thing. Full of high quality protein and fibre, they are hugely versatile little guys as alpha babe Madeleine has shown here. I’ll be having my hot cross buns with some melted coconut butter (if you haven’t already tried this on regular toast already, get it in your life!)

3. IQS Hot Cross cookies

I have to admit these really don’t look very attractive (cardboard, anyone?), however they’re packed with warming spices and flavoured with orange and vanilla. Reach for one of these with a cup of chai over the Easter weekend.

4. Deliciously Ella’s Easter Eggs

Cacao treats with a dreamy sounding cashew and vanilla butter? Sweet mother of god, if you make anything clean for Easter, then definitely make these. The cacao butter mixture acts as the egg shell with the homemade cashew butter filling the hollow. Totally clean, totally delicious.

Have you seen any clean treats to make over the four-day weekend? Send some links my way.

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