5 Wellbeing Instagram Accounts to follow now

I love food. I love looking at food. I love Instagram. Can you see where I’m going with this. 

There are a ton of inspirational wellbeing and clean-living Instagram accounts out there, but here I’ve rounded up some of my favourites that I’m always inspired and motivated by, and hopefully you will be too.

Dolly and Oatmeal
A relatively new Insta to me, dollyandoatmeal follows Lindsey Love, a food blogger spreading a gluten and dairy free gospel (see ya, lactose). Her beautifully composed and edited photos reeled me in and her exciting recipes reworking classic staples have kept me hooked.

Check out her alt version of pasta, chickpea fettuccine, which is gluten-free winner if you’re craving carbs.

Lily Healthy
Queen of beautifully coloured smoothies, Lily is a nutrition and health coach who’s Insta feed is as full of good-looking food as it is motivational quotes.

Lily has loads of great ideas for how to liven up your morning porridge, so head to her feed for some breakfast inspiration.

I really can’t remember how I first came across Juliette’s Instagram account but I’ve followed her for around 2-3 years now, and all I can say is go follow this girl. The composition and colouring of her shots is on point, along with the inspirational and well-crafted foodspiration she puts up there. Minimalist food heaven at it’s best.

Juliette also has a brilliant blog, Luar + Wolffdene and has just started making YouTube videos following her life in Australia. Go check these out for inspirational food and lifestyle posts and videos.

Danielle Copperman
Danielle is one of the ultimate uber health babes. Entrepreneur? Check. Healthy living master? Check. Super fit? Check. And did I mention she’s a model too? I have a lot of love for Danielle’s blog and her quinoa-based breakfast range, Qnola, is on my hit list for when I’m visiting London in the summer.

Not only just she post great clean food, but she also advocates a strong-not-skinny look. She works closely alongside Skinny Bitch Collective, posting videos of some of their primal workouts (which look insane – pls come to Newcastle.)

Ella Grace Denton
Ella’s Insta is packed with positive vibes and bright plant-based foods. Her whole outlook on life instantly makes me feel upbeat and ready to tackle any situation with a positive head on. Ella is staunch vegan and shares some awesome smoothie recipes amongst others. Head to her blog for a lesson in how to make the best acai bowl. You can thank me later.

I’d love to hear your recommendations of healthy babes to follow on Instagram – hit me up with your favourites.

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