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It’s time for a gold old healthy dose of monthly favourites.

March has mainly been a month for food and pouring over recipes and lifestyle tips, both online and in print. I’m finding myself doing a lot more research into food and food components since I’ve started my course to become a Diet and Nutrition Advisor, and am thoroughly enjoying the learning process on the way. I’ve included a couple of favourite food discoveries I’ve picked up on in the last few weeks here so step on in and enjoy.

T2 Melbourne Breakfast Tea
My pal Kate brought me a box of this back from her recent trip to Australia. I’d heard about T2 before from Estee’s channel and also spotted the stand-alone store in NYC in January, but didn’t have chance to pay it a visit. The Melbourne Breakfast blend is essentially the Oz version of English Breakfast tea, but much lighter and with a big kick of sweet vanilla. I’ve been having this with homemade almond milk, mainly instead of a dessert for that that sweetness at the end of a meal, without being heavy.

Rebel Kitchen Flavoured Mylks
I’ve had my eye on these refined sugar-free, dairy-free cartons for a while but have never seemed to be able to get my hands on them in and around Newcastle. However, when I popped in the nearest Tesco superstore recently, I saw these lurking in the cold beverages aisle so picked up a couple to try. I have to say the Chai Mylk was delicious and felt really indulgent even though it’s packed with goodness. The Green Tea flavour was ok, but probably one that I wouldn’t try again. The whole Green Tea with creamy coconut didn’t quite work for me, but still, worth a try if you’re in that kind of thing.

Lucuma Powder
Lucuma is maca’s more caramelly cousin. I’ve been adding the powdered version of the Peruvian fruit into everything from smoothies to porridge this month, and will definitely be including it in some homemade protein snacks very soon. It’s jam-packed full of carotene and iron, and can also be used in place of a sugar or sweetener. Win.

Ombar Chocolate
I’ve had some serious love for Ombar recently and their Dark and Coco Mylk bars in particular have been just the ticket when I’ve been craving a dirty bar of Dairy Milk. Although my diet is 90% clean, I still eat regular chocolate sometimes but Ombar’s range is so much more satisfying than any run-of-the-mill chocolate, so I’ll be stockpiling these bars for those emergency Need. Chocolate/Hangry moments.

Deliciously Ella
I can’t really say anything other than BUY THIS BOOK NOW. I am a big meat eater and didn’t even realise Ella’s recipes didn’t include meat until someone at work told me? That’s just how good her recipes look, sound and taste – you don’t even feel like you’re missing out on a meaty component. I’ve already made a ton of her recipes, including her Almond Butter Fudge (you need this in your life) and her Clean Mexican Bowl which is full of all the good things including homemade guac <3

What have you been loving over the last four weeks?

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  1. 12th April 2015 / 10:40 am

    Nice little selection. I haven't eaten meat in around 7 years so I might look into the book, definitely getting to the point where I'm struggling for a few new ideas!

    Sam, SPRKSAM

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