May Favourites

May has been bus-y.

I’ve had some much needed time off work to get sh*t done. I haven’t had any time off just to do normal stuff like go into town, go to the gym in the afternoon or catch-up on Netflix for as long as I can remember, so it’s been incredible giving myself a little TLC. I’ve also got a heck of a lot of life admin done (hello label maker) and done some all important wedding planning which has been very exciting.

Most of this month’s favourites are things which I’ve been using loads during my time off with a couple of others thrown in for good measure.

Ready to dive in?

teapigs matcha green tea*
teapigs invited me to take part in #MatchaMay, having their matcha green tea every day for a month to see if I noticed a difference. Green tea is know for its antioxidants and energy boosting properties, so I was intrigued to see how this would effect my health over the month of May. I have had matcha before, but not for years, so big thanks to teapigs for the opportunity to give it whirl again. As I’ve been off the coffee bandwagon, I’ve been having this every morning in a kinda latte form, with homemade almond milk and cinnamon for a bit of added je ne sais quoi. I have to say, having this in my diet has really kick-started my day and giving me that all important AM boost in place of coffee. Bravo, matcha. I’ll continue to use you in the future.

Sister & Co. Coconut Oil
The little pot of coconutty goodness from Sister & Co. came in my Life Box last month. Anyone who knows me knows I am more than a bit obsessed with anything to do with coconuts and I use coconut oil everyday for cooking, skin care etc, so i’s been a game changer having a handbag-sized pot to carry with me. One thing I have been doing is using the oil on my cuticles whilst I work to keep them soft and hydrated. Totally recommend doing this if you have mega dry cuticles like me, plus it makes your hand smell dreamy. NB: if you’re a constant hair-toucher, don’t forget that this is on your hands otherwise cue greasy hair alert. Not a hot look.

Get the Glow
I’ve been a long time fan of Madeleine‘s #gettheglow approach to food and eating habits. I’m on her blog looking for exciting recipes nearly everyday and had her first book, Get The Glow, on pre-order for what seemed like ever before it finally arrived. I’ve been living my life by it recently and love that her method of wellbeing and healthy living is totally achievable. Top recipes from her book? Her raw superfood balls are always a winner and the super simple banana chia pudding is the perfect make-in-advance breakfast that will keep you full up. This favourite also leads me nicely onto my next…

Homemade Granola
Shop-bought cereals are packed with sugar, additives and general crap that isn’t very good for your bod. Don’t get me wrong, I was once a staunch cereal lover and loved eating bowlfuls of the sweet stuff, not just for breakfast, but when I got in from school as a pre-tea snack (greedy much?) Now I’m a bit older and a bit wiser, I know that although it tastes great, it doesn’t come close to the nutritional value of its homemade counterpart. I’ve been making granola from a few of my favourite health babes, including Madeleine Shaw’s grain-free chocolate granola (pictured), her buckwheat granola (LOVE) and one of my all-time faves by IQS hottie Sarah Wilson, Coconutty Granola. These granolas are packed with healthy fats in the form of nuts and seeds, energy boosting maca and cacao, and the sweet taste of satisfaction of making a big batch of granola, so you have insanely healthy and tasty breakfasts for the week ahead. Massive healthy smug face.

What have you been loving in the last month?

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