May Recap & June Goals

Some months just get the better of you and May was definitely one of those for me. The goals I set, which were totally achievable, went out the window a little bit but I still managed to do them in some shape or other. However, there is a lot of room for improvement. Bring on June. 


Ban the bloat
So cutting out gluten…yeah. I definitely did a better job of this in April. It’s not that I was binging on tasty gluten in May by any means. I just had a little more than I would’ve liked to. Now June has hit, I’m all over this gluten-free business. See ya bloat, hello flat(ter) stomach.

Back in the saddle
This was an absolutely massive fail. I had all these grand plans of getting back out on my bike, especially during my week off, but that just didn’t happen. After a bit of a scary visit to hospital at the beginning of my time off (thanks legumes), I chilled out and just let myself rest a bit more than I usually do. I absolutely love it when I do get fully into my cycling, so this is something I’ll be looking to pick up more when the sun rears his head.

Go green
Now, something I did manage to keep up for most of the month was the teapigs #MatchaMay challenge. I loved my little ritual of making my green tea almond milk latte. Luckily for me, I’ve still got some left, so will enjoying it even more well into June.

What do I want to achieve in June? Here goes.


Oil pulling
White teeth, you will be mine, oh yes, you will be mine. I’ve been very curious as to the whole oil pulling business for a while now but having read quite a bit about it (and stalked Cocowhite users on the ‘gram) and its benefits, not just for whiter teeth but general mouth health, I’m giving this a whirl. I’m on a mission to get my teeth looking whiter than white (but not Ross-from-Friends white) for our wedding and this seems like a good starting point to get me going rather than an abrasive whitening treatment. Check back in next month to see how it’s gone. Hope I don’t gag.

Finding focus
Life has generally been stressy recently. And its beginning to show in my skin, hair and my usual positive outlook has been very unpositive. June for me is all about re-focusing and re-evaluating how I handle stress and calming the f*** down. And to do this, I’m thinking about doing a bit of the ol’ meditation and if sh*it hits the fan? Taking a few deep breaths can really do wonders.

Run like the wind
My babe of a sister and I are running the Great North 10K in around 5 weeks time as part of our Great North Run prep. After I got a bit injured at the Sheffield Half Marathon, distance running’s been a bit out of the question because it hurts bad. However, regular foam rolling is doing the trick and I’m getting back in the swing of things. I’m going to take training in my stride this month and not bolt out the front door like I usually do. Slow and steady wins the race ‘n that. So, I might not get a PB in my 10K next month, but at least I’ll be keeping my injury at bay and not causing my poor muscles any more grief.

What have you got planned this month? I’d love to hear your goals.

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