3 Instagram Food Heroes

I’m not ashamed to say I’m a bit of an Instagram nerd (I know I’m not the only one, we’re all addicted, aren’t we).

My feed is mostly filled with insane looking healthy food, fitness inspiration (or fitspo…god, I hate that word) and, obviously, obviously, some hilarious cats for good measure. Amongst all the mire, there’s three food-based accounts I’ve been absolutely loving recently, and they’re three you definitely need to hit that follow button on now.

The Crunchy Radish

This is pretty new to me, but oh my god look at the beautiful food. Miranda Hammer’s feed is packed full of delicious whole foods and shots of organic veg. You’ll get mega food envy just looking at everything, but fear not; her recipes, handily organised by season, meals and ingredients, are over on her site.

Amelia Freer

I’m pretty sure I’ve already declared by love for Amelia’s Eat, Nourish, Glow on the blog (yes, yes I have) and for good reason. Seriously, if you don’t own it, buy it now. It’s not just another recipe book – it’s packed with healthy living mantras and her full approach to nourishing the body. Not preachy, hugely insightful. Anyway, I digress. Amelia’s Instagram is a perennial fave of mine, full of seasonal foodie goodness and handsome dogs. What more could you want?

Calgary Avansino

I’ve followed Calgary’s career for about the last 10 years; from her name being on the masthead of British Vogue to now as a wellbeing guru/goddess with an insane body. So, what can you expect from CA’s feed? Exciting new food product releases, gorgeously green salad bowls, an insider’s view of the fashion industry and a bit of workout inspiration to boot. What a feed.

What are your favourite food-based Instagram food profiles? Hit me up with some links.

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