October Goals

Hello October, you gorgeous autumnal month you.

As always, the start of the month acts as a reboot for me and a chance to focus on things I want to achieve over the next four/five weeks.

With the festive season fast approaching, I’m wanting to really focus on my healthy eating and exercise, so overindulging towards the end of the year won’t feel so naughty if I do the right kind of prep now.

Without further a-do, here’s what I’ve got planned this month.

Be consistent

One thing that let me down post-Great North Run in September was getting off track with my eating, and having a few wines here, a few cocktails there. I’ve been feeling a bit down about my body over the past couple of weeks so I’m looking forward to getting back into a food and exercise routine. There’s only 10 months until we get married too, so getting my nutrition and exercise nailed before Christmas to help me ease into the new year is something high on the list.

Plan in some new events
To keep me on track with my consistency goal, this month I’m going to sign up for a couple of running events to keep me focused as that winter chill sets in. On my list? Memorial 10K in Exhibition Park in November, and the Saltwell 10K in Gateshead just before Christmas. 

Spend more time in the kitchen

Did I mention I have a whole host of lovely new cookbooks? This time of year just makes me want to knuckle down and make warming, wholesome food – I think it’s a kind of hibernating-for-winter mentality. One thing top of the list to make is this brilliant pulled pork recipe frm Good Food, which I come back to time and time again (not clean eats, but you know by now I’m all about healthy balance).

Get my wedding head on

Yes, in terms of getting my diet and exercise sorted to help me feel great on my wedding day, but also from a more practical and organisational point of view. We have a shed-load of exciting stuff to do, and want all big things firmly in place for the year is out, so we can concentrate on the lovely things like flowers, decorations and our honeymoon (eek!) in the new year.

What are your October Goals? 

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