November Goals

Alice Mary Barnes Nutrition Goals

I’ve really struggled with my goals the past few months. I don’t know if I’m trying to do way too much or making goals unrealistic, but whatever it is, I’ve found the whole thing very throw-away and pretty demotivating.

One of the biggest things I haven’t got to grips with at all is my nutrition course. Basically, I just haven’t felt motivated to do it and have been using the ‘I haven’t got time‘ excuse at every opportunity. possible, which for someone proactive and usually very motivated, has been a bit of a weird one. Yes this nutrition course is a bit out of my comfort zone in terms of the biology aspect, but I need to remember this is the whole reason I wanted to do it – to challenge myself and to throw myself into something I have such a passion for and want to explore further.

After a chat with my life coach and the oracle that is my Mum (how is it that Mums always have the answers? Go Mamas), I’ve decided I need to simplify to get ahead. Set myself smaller goals. Have weekly check-ins. So, here we go; a different approach to my monthly goals.

Complete two assignments of my nutrition course
Well from the off I can say one down, one to go as I’ve just literally pushed the Submit Test button online. November win.

Read a book
This probably sounds completely bonkers, but I can’t remember the last time I read a full book. For someone who was a bit of a bookworm in their youth, I’m pretty sad that I’ve lost touch with this. Estee Lalonde’s #digitaldetox really hit home with me and this is my first step in cutting down on that screen time.

Enter a December race
This was on my goal list for last month and basically I just forgot to do in in amongst everything else that was going down. Saltwell 10K, I’m coming for you. All over that winter running training.

Keep my cycle journal up to date
I have an incredibly beautiful Rapha Race Notes journal which was a Christmas gift last year and to this day remains in its’ packaging. It’s too beautiful not to write in though, so as I head out on training rides over the next few month, I’m going to be chronicling those big-ass hill climbs I’ve got to conquer (sigh) along with general route notes. My 100km charity bike ride will be here before I know it, and in the spirit of stepping away from digital and channelling my inner analogue desire, it’ll be like a little cleanse just being able to sit and write about training, rather than clattering away on the keys.

What are you goals for this month? Have you struggled with motivation and sticking to your goals recently? (please tell me I’m not the only one!)

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