How to make protein zoats

Protein Zoats Courgette Porridge with whey protein

The hugely knowledgeable (and always lovely) Laura at Wholeheartedly Healthy got me into this supercharged porridge/overnight oats recipe years ago, and when I was doing my Saturday morning cruise through the socials this morning, I saw a video from fitness babe Zanna Van Dijk showing the very simple method for this and why they’re so good for you. I hadn’t made them for absolutely bloody ages and thought, “Y’know what? That’s what on the breakfast menu this morning.”

That’s right, I’m talking protein zoats. To you and me, that’s protein porridge with added courgette. Yes, courgette. Definitely sounds a little bit mental, but do not fear; you can’t even taste the courgette once it’s cooked down, and this is a brilliantly simple way of getting a healthy dose of greens in with your breakfast. It also packs a volume punch, so keeps you full for ages. It’s ideal for your post-workout meal or as different option for breakfast.

What you’ll need:

1. Combine your grated courgette with your dried oats in a pan and cover with almond milk/water – you want enough liquid so that the courgette and oats have soaked up quite a bit, but with some liquid to spare (do this by eye).
2. Cook in a pan over a low heat (or in the microwave) and when everything is starting to cook down, with just a tiny bit of extra liquid, add in a scoop of your favourite protein powder (I used a classic vanilla flavour)
3. Add in any extra flavourings you might like (zero syrups, maple syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg etc) and cook until this forms a thick creamy consistency.
4. Serve with whatever take your fancy – I topped mine with frozen blueberries, raspberries and chia seeds.

I can’t stress how simple this is to make and a brilliant way of getting those extra nutrient-packed greens into breakfast. And trust me, you can’t taste the courgette.

Have you tried courgette oats/protein zoats before? Let me know if you give these a whirl.

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