Festive Raw Chocolate

Alice Mary Barnes' Raw Christmas Chocolates Recipe

As IF it’s December already. I’m feeling pretty damn festive – the tree is up in all its glory and I’ve got an insane amount of Christmas candles on the go. 

I started getting well into Christmas food mode last weekend. Chocolate always features very heavily in anything sweet I make at this time of year, so I got to making a batch of these delicious pure chocolates from Deliciously Ella’s site. Using her basic recipe, I spiked these with orange zest for a true Christmassy flavour and scent.

The best thing about these chocolates are that they aren’t any ordinary chocolate – they’re a healthy indulgence and kinda good for you too (excellent). Packed with cacao butter and raw cacao powder (hello antioxidants), they are such a delicious guilt-free treat.

The great thing about this recipe, is that there are so many different things you can do with the basic recipe, so it’s easy to have a play about an add whatever you’re into – cinnamon and nutmeg, vanilla – you could even add in some sugar-free flavour drops for a sweeter hit. 

Basic recipe:

  • Melt everything together in a pan over a very low heat (don’t go boiling it though).
  • Pour the mixture into moulds (I used some very un-festive heart-shaped moulds but you can buy festive moulds on the high street. Lakeland and Tiger are my best bets.)
  • Freeze for 30 mins.

These will then keep in the fridge in an air tight container for ages, but I can guarantee they’ll be gone within about 10 minutes. They’re that good.

What are your favourite festive flavour combinations? 

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