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Today I’m letting you in on what’s on the shelf in my
bathroom cabinet, and talking vitamins and supplements; what I take and why I
take them.

As well as eating a pretty balanced diet, and trying to get in
as many vitamins and essential micronutrients as I can through food, it can
sometimes be a struggle to get in the right levels of what my body needs. I’ve
been taking some extra supplements for quite a while now, to help with some
specific things in my lifestyle i.e. fatigue and tiredness, to see if these have any effect.

So with that in mind, I’m bringing you a very quick run down
of the vitamins I’m currently taking – if I think they’re actually doing
anything, if I’ll continue taking them or switch things up.

Perfectil Hair, Skin and Nails

These are like little magical tablets of beauty. I started
taking them everyday about a year ago and I’ve noticed such an improvement in
everything they claim to help, but particularly my skin. My friend Katie said
my skin was looking very healthy and glowy a couple of weeks ago (on what I
thought was a bad skin day!) so that was a great boost and nod to the tablets actually doing something. Taking this and eating
lots of things like almonds (for that vitamin E fix) have been really helping
keeping my hair, skin and nails looking good. A keeper!

Vitamin B12

A relative newbie to my supplement cabinet, I added a
separate vitamin B12 tablet into the mix to mainly help with fatigue. I get tired very easily and I’ve noticed a huge
improvement from taking these – ain’t so snoozy all the time anymore! And
because of this, my overall productivity has been massively up, which is
excellent in my books. Two thumbs up.

Cod Liver and Evening Primrose Oil

I’ve taken a combination cod liver/evening primrose oil
capsule for years now. For me, it’s a great way to get those omega 3 fatty
acids in for bone strength and overall health. Mega winner. However, I might do a month without to see what impact this has or just start taking a pure cod liver oil tablet rather than a mix. Just, y’know, to mix things up.

Holland and Barrett Radiance Multi Vitamins and Minerals with Iron*

A new addition to the mix are the Holland and Barrett Radiance Multi Vitamins. These little guys pack every vitamin and mineral imaginable, with added iron to help with fatigue etc. I’ve
been taking these for around a month now and the improvement in my complexion
for one has been pretty damn good – paired with the Perfectil Hair, Skin and
Nails tablet, this seems to be a dream combo! I’ve also felt more sprightly on the whole and had bags of energy. Well done H&B multi vits!

What’s in your vitamin cabinet? Let me know what you take as
part of your health and wellbeing plan and anything you would recommend. 

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