Learning to Live Lagom – Update

So I’m about 3 months into the Live Lagom project with IKEA (check out my first post here) and I wanted to give a little update on how I’ve been getting on with the products I selected and how they’ve been helping me with a very very busy life recently and overall, helping me to reach my sustainable living aims.

To recap, the aims I set way back in January were:

  • Most the most of meal planning
  • Batch-cook and freeze
  • Get storage savvy
  • Save on energy bills

Meal planning – this is something that weirdly has been going really well for the days I’ve actually been at home (working away a lot means having to be super organised on the food front). For the most part, I’ve been meal prepping on a Sunday afternoon and mapping out if I’m home/away, and if I’m home, making sure I’m taking fresh, nutrient dense, and most importantly delicious, food to work. I even meal prepped my food for a recent work trip to London so that I wasn’t picking up convenient (and maybe not so good for me) food on the go. Felt a bit smug on the train, I’m not going to lie. All of the tupperware and food bags I picked up in my LL haul have been fantastic, especially the glass Fortrolig range.

Batch-cook and freeze – so this is something that is going 50% ok at the minute. I’ve been doing batch cooking (hello slow cooker) but the freezing part has fallen by the wayside. I’m hoping to get on this in the next couple of weeks as I’m away pretty much away all of May and three quarters of June, so I want to make sure that when I am actually home during the week, that there’s good healthy food that I can just defrost quickly and eat up.

Meal prepping like a pro.

Get storage savvy – again, this is something that I could’ve put a bit more effort into organising but time has not been on my side (some of the storage containers I picked up as part of this project are still sitting empty…whoopsie!)

Save on energy bills – now this, this is something that is actually happening! Mini fist pump moment. Despite it not feeling very Springlike at all recently, and for the most part just wanting to jam the heating on every time I walk in the front door, all of the textiles I picked up are starting to do their trick. We’ve managed to get our heating bills down significantly which has been a big help on the ol’ bank balance and means that we’re being much more sustainable with our energy consumption. What a win.

All in a all, a positive start to the project. Yes, there are things I could dedicate a little more time to, but we are already seeing big savings on household energy bills, which was a big one for me, so I’m pretty damn pleased with that!

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